Juma Lake Inn, former Boca do Juma Lodge.

Juma lake Inn or Boca do Juma?
Many Amazon insiders knowing the Juma Lake Inn under her old name Boca do Juma Lodge.

Only in the year 2010 the Lodge Boca do Juma has been renamed into Juma Lake Inn after extensive investment in facilities and equipment.

Brief chronology chronology of the Lodge:

Before 1800
lived at the mouth of the Rio Juma (Boca do Juma), the site of today's Juma Lake Inn, a family of Moura Indians. Later the settlement was abandoned by the Indians.

Around 1960
a family part of the Indian clans Maia Moura returned back to Boca do Juma. Later they built a house boat (Flutuante) for family accommodation.

Gerard A. Hardy, known as Gerry Hardy, who has been working since 1986 as an independent tourist guide in the jungle, developed the idea to offer jungle-tours at the Boca do Juma.

From 1991 - 2000
was built around the house boat a small farm with cattles, pigs and chickens for self-supply. In 1996 the plant will be expanded with a community hut with veranda. The former family boat is converted into a restaurant.

From 2000
by reason of the increased popularity of the tours more well-trained guides are hired. Because the goal is to limit the group size on field trips to a maximum of 8-10 participants. This leaves the quality standard of the excursions and the guides will have the opportunity to respond better to every single visitor.

a second house-boat was built for staff accommodation.

construction of a terrace and a connecting staircase between community hut and restaurant.

upgrading of sanitary facilities and construction of three spacious showers and toilets.

expansion of the Boca do Juma Lodge at six guest cabins, each with private shower and toilet.

Amazonas Lodge Boca do Juma, Restaurant

a diesel generator for electricity was purchased.

a fence is built to separate the livestock from the tourists.

an aluminum boat for transfer operations was purchased. Existing boats will be replaced with more economical engines. The restaurant is completely modernized, also the kitchen.
The good-natured but watchful shepherd Lord comes to Boca do Juma. The attentive animal is a full team member on the Lodge and Farm.

comes a second, very fast boat for transfers in operation. The lodge is expanded with two more huts with tiled shower room and WC (Cabin 7+8). A modern and quieter engine replaces the old electricity generator.
It was decided to rename the Lodge Boca do Juma into Juma Lake Inn!


The lodge is expanded with two more huts with tiled shower room and WC (Cabin 10 + 11 + 12).
The restaurant gets a sundeck added.